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After visiting Olympia Beauty show last week and being shown how exactly how the IBX system works, I wanted to write a blog on how it works and the benefits. I already use the IBX system but not enough of you know about it and I feel it could benefit alot of my clients.


So for those of you who don't know what it is, IBX is a nail system and treatment that protects your nails and helps grown them.


The treatment works from within the nail, instead of sitting on top, and the product cannot not be seen once applied. IBX fuses the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate with an interpenetrating polymer network.


IBX market themselves as a insurance policy for gel polish customers, it toughens the natural nail and protects them against frequent removal of gel polish. It can also be used as a treatment to the natural nail to really badly or peeled nails, so if you don't wear gel polish the IBX can really improve and grow your nails.

There are many other benefits to IBX, smooths out the nail if there are any ridges or grooves, toughens the nail, it is specifically designed to repair splits, peelings and free edge delamination.

The IBX system is applied to the nail at each appointment, for those nails that are in real need of repair, the treatment should be applied once a week, for those in the recovery stage should be done once every fortnight and for those nails in maintanence this needs to be done once every 3 weeks. This all should fit in nicely with your Shellac treatments.


So if your unsure you need IBX then assess your nails, are they weak, are they damaged, split, peeling, do they have ridges or grooves, do you wear gel polish continually, if yes to any of these then IBX is for you.

At Polished Beauty a First treatment is £10, all ongoing treatments are £7. Please ask for more details and questions.


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