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Olympia Beauty Show 2014

Olympia Beauty

So yesterday I trekked my way into London to Olympia for this years beauty show. My main aim was to get a few new ideas, whilest' visiting a few of my favourite suppliers for some new products and bargains.


So my first port of call on arriving at Olympia was to visit the IBX stand. I wanted to get a good demo from the professional, and as my mum was hand model for this demo I could get close up. For those of you who don't know, IBX is a treatment that penetrates into the nail, it fuses the upper layers of the nail to protect and toughen your nails. I already provide this treatment but wanted to ensure the method I was following was correct and it provided me with some extra tips. For more information please look out for a detailed blog coming up on this fantastic treatment.

After picking up a favourite Roo beauty case, we came across a stand called Fab Brows. Now never having heard of this before I thought, why not give it ago on myself. Fab brow is a 24hour permanant makeup that is water/sweat resisitant and is removed using an oil based remover. The kit comes with 3 stencil shapes to suit all different clients, a powder is them swept across the eyebrow and the flattened the otherway, hey presto complete. The effect was instant and I was not expecting it and I was throughly impressed. Something I will definantly be looking into getting.

Sweet Squared

Next we hopped over to see the new CND Shellac colours and Lacente glitters that had been released. Having seen the queues in previous years being 3hours I didnt expect the queue to be only 10minutes, so I jumped in and ordered.

The new Shellac colours are really in preperation for Chrisitmas. Chiffon twist is a lovely rose gold, Dazzeling Dance has a blue/purple tint to it with sparkle through it. It is a lovely colour for layering on top of another colour. I also purchased a few of the Lacente glitters.

Gilded Dreams


The last stall I visited was the Moyou stand. A stamping heaven.... having already have the stamp and a couple of plates at home, I thought I would get them to demonstrate on me how easily its done so I could get them back out the cupboard. The ease of nail art with this stamping makes designs instant, detailed and identical. Why not check out the moyou blog for more information. this will be coming to Polished Beauty soon!!!


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