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All you need to know on SOLAR OIL!

I have alot of clients come to me saying they have flaking, dry nails because they have been wearing Shellac too long, my first question to them is 'Have you been using Solar Oil?'. The answer for nearly all of those people is 'NO.'

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My response is 'It's not the Shellac that is causing your nails and skin to dry out, it is you. Your nails need natural oils to soften, moisterise and rehydrate your skin and nails. Solar oil does all of this and to add to it should be helping your Shellac service last longer.'

Solar Oil is a vital part of all of my nail treatments and should be for you at home aswell and I wanted you all to understand why , what it does and how you ALL should be bringing it into your daily beauty routines.


A natural blend of light oils and vitamin E that is designed to penetrate and protect your skin and nails.


solar oil ingredients.jpg


The Solar Oil keeps the natural nail, polish and enhancements tough but flexible. Using it over and over again will penetrate the oils deeper into the natural nail benefiting your manicures, Shellac or gel service longer.

Solar oil is different to other Cuticle oils, why?

Unlike other cuticle oils that sit on the surface, Solar oils is one of the only oils to penetrate through gels, acrylic or Shellac.

Its properties rub straight into your skin and leaves them smooth rather than greasy and to add to it it has a lovely almond smell.

How to use:

Apply to the nail and surrounding skin of the nail and massage in. Use twice daily and build it into your morning or bedtime routines. Popping it in your handbag and applying it while your on the train to work can be a good time to use it.

You can purchase Solar oil from myself at £8 per bottle. Please message me.


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