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Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Review

I had been recommended Liz Earle products by a few people and after reading a few more reviews online I thought I would give it a go.


My skin hadnt been good for a few months, so thought to a virgin Liz Earle user I would start with the Cleanse and Polish to remove my make up each night, as this was voted the Most Revolutionary Beauty Product of the Last 20 Years by the CEW (UK) in 2012 and has won 100 prestigious beauty awards.

The Cleanse and Polish is describes as a 'rich yet gentle cleansing......... it delivers instantly visible results' which i had to agree with. With my make-up still on and my face dry (which was new to me) I rubbed the rich cream into my face, with a charcoal face from my mascara it certainly was a new look for me. They then advise you to use the muslin cloth and warm water to rub all the cleanser and make up off, splashing my face with cold water after as recommended.

My face felt refreshed, clean and could already tell this was going to get rid of my spots already.

A week on, using each night, my spots have gone. Even though this is more expensive than my usual cleaner and make up remover I will definantly be buying more when mine runs out and I am tempted to buy more Liz Earle products.

Cleanse and Polish Starter Kit (with 2x muslin cloths) £14.75 John Lewis



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