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Last week I had a waxing party with my friends, to launch the adding of waxing to my treatment list.

Although my friends were a little nervous and dubious of waxing they agreed. HAPPY ME, not only could I gain some practice and experience but it got to show them the great effects that waxing can have on you hair growth after.

The ladies had grown their hair for 3-4 weeks which is essential for waxing, hair that is too short may not come out as planned when waxed, so please bear this in mind when considering booking your appointments.

As there was lot to do, there was no messing around and we got started. Equipment set up, candles lit, pizza on order, I got started on Natalie, who can I say was a little scared of waxing and I wasn't sure was going to complete a whole leg. For the legs I use the Perron Rigot Cristal Ocean Strip wax, a hypo allergenic wax and good for getting rid of large areas of hair. When applied to the legs the wax is really warm and Natalie was quite surprised by the nice feeling. I then tried to remove the hair as quickly as possible. Bless Natalie she was really good throughout the whole experience and we completed the 2 legs, back and front, feet and toes.

With Natalie completed and all clean, I moved on to the next 2 candidates. Experimenting using Perron Rigot Euroblond wax, a non-strip golden wax which is great for more sensitive and smaller areas. So the girls had eyebrows, lips and nostrils done.

'Nostrils', i hear u say, yes! You may think this is more painful than it actually is. But if you ask anyone that has had their nostrils waxed then the feeling is more bizarre than actually painful. And you may be thinking that women do not need to have this done and it is a treatment more for men, BUT the end result allows you to be able to breathe easier and it is alot more clearer, and alot of women are finding it a great treatment to have.

By the end of the evening I had waxed 3 pairs of legs, eyebrows, lip and notrils and managed to eat aload of pizza.

I told the girls that they didn't even think about hair re-growth for over a week if not 2 weeks. I hoping this may have converted them to waxing.

All in all a VERY successful evening, some great company and with lots of giggles!


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