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HD Brow course!

So finally I can write up about my HD brows course.

So the course was a full on 2 days. I attended the course in Milton course which is Nilam Patels own salon, Dermaspa. When I walked in I was so impressed with the salon, to the left was the HD brow room, a room setup just for the treatment, to the right the nail bar. The decor was amazing and so proffesional.

We were taken up the stairs to the training room, there was 8 of us in the training all with different backgrounds, everyone was so lovely and chatty so I knew the 2 days was going to be good. The trainers aswell were approachable, friendly and really helpful expressing their knowledge and stories. We spent the morning doing theory working. Learning how to create the perfect eyebrow shape for each individual.

The afternoon was spent watching a full HD brow treatment, learning the art of threading and being taught a new way of waxing eyebrows. At the end of the day we got to try out the different make up's available to us to use.

Day 2 started, we were straight in there with performing our first HD brows. I was acting model first but I felt I could learn alot just by listening. I was really nervous about doing my first set of brows but we were each given a trainer to ourselves, so attention was on us. A treatment should take 45minutes but ours took nearly 2hours. EEK! A lot longer is spent on the makeup area that anticipated.

For the afternoon we were let on the public, where we paired up and took an eyebrow each and tried to marry them up. Again we had a trainer with us at all times and luckily we had a good set of brows to do and they look so good at the end.

So end of training, I am currently getting lots of practising in with models and I am soexcited to be offering this treatment soon. Watch this blog for photos on my progress of HD brows!


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