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Bootea teatox

Some of you may have heard of Bootea and some of you not. I had vaguely heard of Bootea before, but only from the photos that the highly celebrity endorsed product showed on Intagram.

So what is Bootea?

The bootea teabags are made from natural ingredients.

There are 2 types of teabags, Daytime and Bedtime. The Daytimetea bag should be consumed when waking up everyday and the bedtime teabag should be drunk everyother night. Along with slight weight lose the tea is supposed to give you energy and detox your system!

My reason to use Bootea, I wanted to loose abit of weight. Having heard from one of the mums at the nursery gates that she had lost 5lb in 5 days, I was like YES I need this!

Along with drinking a Bootea in the morning and one every other night you have to stick to a healthy diet that consist of not eating meat and reducing diary products. Now for me the not eating meat was quite easy as my husband was vegetarian but I couldn't cope with not having dairy, what about my cups of normal tea and milk in my cereal.

I admitidly wasn't very good at the diet, and prehaps the reason I didnt really loose weight!

So what does it taste like?

The daytime tea was similar to Green tea, it contains lemongrass and you can definantly get a hint of this. Normally when i wake up I'm craving a cup of English breakfast tea but this soon faded and the daytime tea replaced my normal tea quite easily.

The nightime tea tastes like a mild peppermint tea. Now I don't like peppermint tea but to be honest I got used to it over the weeks and I only had it every other night! Now there has been many a rumour that the nighttime tea can work as a laxative which comes from the senna leaf. Now I didnt experience this at all in the time I was taking it, not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, as I didnt really feel like it was clearing out my system like the teatox was supposed to be doing!

The one thing I can say about the Bootea is that it has cleared my skin up and has worked wonders, and for this reason I think I may continue with it!

For more information on the Bootea Teatox, please visit


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