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So a few weeks back I saw CocoWhite and thought I need this in my life. Reading reviews it sounded fantastic.

For those who don't know what it is, Cocowhite are a company that produce sachets of coconut oil with a hint of flavour, the idea is to swirl in your mouth for 5-10minutes each day.


This technique is called oil pulling. Oil pulling is an ancient Indian technique, its benefits include an improvement in oral hygiene, migraines, acne, asthma and the important one teeth whitening.

So Cocowhite supplied me with 14 sachets of the coconut oil, I went for the vanilla flavour. Having read the flavours still don't take away for the fact its coconut oil, I strongly disagree, the oil had a lovely smell and a nice flavour.

You need to warm the oil in the palm of your hands before popping it in your mouth otherwise it can be a wierd texture in your mouth of a few minutes.

Swirling the oil for 10minutes was hard going, so i tried doing something for this 10mins, like removing my make up!

After swirling, i rinsed my mouth and brushed my teeth for 2minutes.

My main outcome was to give myself slightly whiter teeth, I drink alot of tea which has slightly stained my teeth, so along with cutting down on tea and using the cocowhite I hoped for results. I was sadly really disappointed. I had followed the instructions and didn't see any difference within the 2 weeks.


(Left before, right after)

I do believe this has slightly helped my skin (but this could be the fact I have reduced my tea/caffeine/dairy intake) and who knows what its doing to my oral hygiene as I can't see this.

So instead of spending £20 for 2 weeks worth of these sachets, I'm going to go down to Holland and Barratt buy myself a £5 jar of coconut oil and continue with the oil pulling at a cost saving. I'll keep you all updated as to how this tastes!!!

Would be interested to know anyone elses reviews of Cocowhite, it just didnt work for me.


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