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Brisa Lite

I feel I have been away from the Blogging world for abit. It has been crazy busy preparing for Christmas.

I wanted to Share with you all that don't know I have now passed my day course in Brisa Lite Sculpting. For those of you who are not sure what this is then please have a read below.

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brisa lite properties.jpg

Brisa Lite is a gel that combines the power of the Brisa hard gel but the removability of CND Shellac.

Brisa Lite has 2 different systems - the smoothing gel, which I currently offer, it adds a flexible protective layer that smooths out the natural nail. The second system is the sculpting system, which adds a extension to the nail whilest protecting the nail.

Both the systems needs NO filing of the natural nail, which is one of the best properties of the gel and last up to 3 weeks.

CND Shellac can be applied on top of either of these systems to create you final coloured nails.

So in more detail............................

BRISA Lite Removable Sculpting Gels is a light gel enhancement that adds shape and length to the natural nail. BRISA® Lite creates long lasting enhancements but removes easily when exposed to the CND Shellac® Nourishing Remover.

Exceptional wear, 10 times tougher, lasts three weeks, no filing on the natural nail.

The sculpting gel is definantly a process to create longer nails instead of using the hard gels or acylics that some of you might do. The gel doesn't damage your nails afterwear and creates a much more natural looking nail. This gel can be used to repair broken nails aswell to ensure your fingers all match and are uniformed.

sculpting gel.jpg

BRISA Lite Removable Smoothing gel is an easily removalable gel, that perfects and smoothes the surface of the natural nail. The gel is applied before CND Shellac and it can extend the wear of the CND Shellac, more and more of my clients are choosing to put the smoothing gel under their Shellac to give extra strength to their nails.

smoothing gel.jpg

Brisa Lite smoothing is available now, Brisa Lite sculpting with be available in the New Year.


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