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Nazila Love Glamour nail art

I was apporached a couple of weeks back by Nazila Love Glamour, a nail art company, to look at their exciting products. Of course I agreed as I love looking at new opportunities and new products.

Amy came round that same afternoon, and showed me all the exciting product that Nazila had to offer.

Nazila Love Glamour love glitz, glamour and bling. They create beautiful, unique and funky designs on the nail. Nothing I have ever seen before. They have sponsered the Xfactor and have their own flagship store in Westfields.

Having their own LED gels brand aswell they also love the 3D nail art jewels.


Having looked at all the great product, I wanted to test the water with my clients some of the 3D nail art as I dont have anything like this in my nail box, so have purchased a collection of bows. Also the gold leaf set really captured by eye and had to be purchased.

Having ordered the products they were dropped off at my house within a couple of hours, I mean that is what you call service! I couldn't wait to get started on trialing the gold leaf out, along with some of the other nail art pieces I had bought last week. The gold leaf is easy to apply, and I delicated applied it with tweezers and a orange stick to a black background to give it a dramatic effect.


Few days prior I also purchased some new nail foils. Which I tried out on the nail wheel, think they all look fab! :)


If you are interested in blinging up your nails and trying out some of my new exciting products then please contact me for individual prices.

and visit for more inspiration.


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